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Our Team.

Board of Directors

John Moore

John M. Moore is Executive Vice President and General Counsel of Consumer Capital Partners and is responsible for the structure and planning of all transactions, corporate finance, and tax matters, along with all of the other organizational structure and legal matters involving the firm, its affiliates including Smashburger® and Tossa®; as well its individual members.

Mr. Moore has more than 30 years of experience in commercial transactions, corporate finance, tax and general business matters. Previously, Mr. Moore was a Senior Vice President and Special Counsel for Quiznos, and responsible for all commercial transactions, corporate finance, and tax matters there. In this capacity, he was involved in the negotiation and structuring of more than two billion dollars in transaction value over a four year period. Over the span of his 30 year career, Mr. Moore has closed over 2,000 individual commercial transactions, with total closed transaction value in excess of five billion dollars.

Prior to joining Quiznos, John spent 20 years as an attorney in private practice in Denver, Colorado, and as a university faculty member teaching accounting, business law and economics. Mr. Moore has a bachelor’s degree in accounting and economics, and has passed the CPA exam. He has a master’s in finance, a juris doctorate with an emphasis in business law, and a master of laws in taxation, all from the University of Denver. He is an attorney licensed to practice in Colorado. Mr. Moore has also completed the course work for a doctorate in engineering economics from Colorado School of Mines.

 Mr. Moore previously served on the Board of Managers and the Audit Committee of QCE Holding LLC (Quiznos®).  He is currently a member of the Board of Directors of America’s Road Home, Inc, and 501(c)(3) public charity established to help solve the problem of family homelessness in America; as well a Classic Bicycle Racing LLC; which presents the USA Pro Cycling Challenge ® each August in Colorado.

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General Counsel to RFSI Investments (“RFSI”)

Andy Lee 

Andy Lee is General Counsel of RFSI. RFSI and its related companies are generally focused on businesses in the food and services industry as well as emerging technology companies. The RFSI related companies in the food and service industry include smashburger and
Ristorante L. Its related companies in the emerging technology area include Beyond The Edge, Escape Dynamics, and LabWorks. Andy serves in the capacity as Officer, Manager, General Counsel, Board Member, and/or Advisory Board Member on many of the RFSI related companies, including Escape Dynamics, where Andy serves as President.

Prior to joining RFSI, Andy spent the first decade of his legal career in private practice representing business owners and high net worth individuals as a partnership, corporate, tax, non-profit, and transactional attorney. Over the years Andy has been a frequent speaker and author on tax and corporate matters and has published articles in numerous national and regional publications such as: Practical Tax Strategies; Tax Ideas; Journal of Practical Estate Planning; Trusts & Estates; Estate Planning; Journal of Retirement Planning; The Monthly Digest of Tax Articles; The Michigan Bar Journal; and The Michigan Probate & Estate Planning Journal.

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Executive Director

Tom Ryan

Tom Ryan is the Managing Partner and Chief Concept Officer of Consumer Capital Partners, where he is actively involved in building the firm into a nationally recognized private investment, concept development and strategic advisory firm focused on consumer-centric, multi-unit businesses. Mr. Ryan leads the concept, product and brand development services of Consumer Capital Partners and is acting Executive Director of America’s Road Home.

Tom has 20+ years of experience in marketing, branding, consumer research and concept/product development for package goods and restaurant/retail companies. He was the President of the Ventures group, Chief Marketing Officer and Branding Officer at Quiznos. Prior to that he was EVP, Worldwide Chief Concept Officer for McDonald’s Corporation, and held the titles of US Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President of Menu Management at McDonald’s. Before McDonald’s, Mr. Ryan was Senior Vice President of Business Development at Long John Silver’s. He started his restaurant career at Pizza Hut and was an officer in the Marketing, Research & Development and Business Development areas. Mr. Ryan also has packaged goods experience at both Pillsbury and Procter & Gamble.

Mr. Ryan is known for developing business building concepts, products and marketing programs throughout his career, including Pizza Hut’s Stuffed Crust Pizza and Lovers™ line, McGriddles, Big ‘n Tasty, Dollar Menu and Fruit and Yogurt Parfaits at McDonald’s and Steakhouse Beef Dip, Prime Rib and Sammies at Quiznos.  Mr. Ryan developed our better burger casual concept: Smashburger.  He and his team also developed several multi-million dollar concepts now operating at Denver International Airport.

Mr. Ryan received his doctorate in flavor and fragrance chemistry, his master’s in lipid toxicology and his undergraduate degree in food science, all from Michigan State University.

Tom sat on the advisory board of Source Foods and has served on the board of Dominican University Graduate Business School in Chicago, Illinois.

Tom’s was recently named one of Gourmet magazine’s the Top 25 American Food Entrepreneurs.

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Board of Advisors

Richard E. Schaden

Rick Schaden is Founder and Chairman of Consumer Capital Partners, and is actively involved in building the firm into a nationally recognized private investment, concept development, strategic advisory and causal marketing firm.

Rick’s philanthropic activities specialize in those connecting causes to consumers. He and his family actively support initiatives working to end world poverty through Millennium Promise, CARE, UNICEF, America’s Road Home and similar organizations. Closer to home, he is focused on helping high-performing, low-opportunity children achieve their full potential through Smart-Girl and Kent Denver.

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Richard F. Schaden

Richard F. Schaden is a founding partner of Consumer Capital Partners and has 30+ years’ experience as a private equity investor. He and his son Rick were formerly the majority shareholders of Quiznos and previously sat on its Board of Managers. Richard is also the owner of Ristorante L, which offers fine Italian dining to a loyal customer base in the Boulder-Denver area. Richard is active in overseeing the business and marketing operations of             Ristorante L.

In addition to being an entrepreneur and restaurateur, Richard is an internationally renowned aviation attorney and was the founding partner of the aviation and public interest law firm of Schaden, Katzman, Lampert & McClune.

Richard holds a degree in Aeronautical Engineering from the University of Detroit, attended graduate studies in Mechanical Engineering at Wichita State, and has a Law Degree from the University of Detroit.

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